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New Arrival

Engage Mirror is now available with SelfiesBox Photobooth.

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Pose for a selfie, and have your high quality picture printed and shared on Social Media instantly!


Pose for a selfie, wait pose for 3 or 4 more selfies.
Now you can share your animated GIF on your Social Media platform and print your favorite selfie.


Yes SelfiesBox Photobooth has the slow or fast motion feature!
Pick the speed you’d like and let’s take recording a video to the next level.
Don’t forget to share your footage on your Social Media and for sure you can take a branded selfie right after!


Collages are perfect when you want to combine multiple pictures and have them all printed on one customized printout.


Chroma key is a visual effects technique for combining two images.
The user changes chroma key to replace it with an image of his/her choice.


Works like a cutout.
An overlay is a layer or decoration of something applied on the image and it’s visible to the user.